Lead Generation World Podcast: 8.4.2020

It was sometime in the year 2004.  I was a sales rep at the upstart mortgage lead company, LeadPoint, already my second stop in the upstart mortgage lead industry.  I was making a drive from Los Angeles, where I lived at the time, to San Diego, to visit some clients.  Chief among those visits was a mortgage company, one of my biggest clients, whose marketing was run by another sharp, young guy also relatively new to the industry, a guy by the name of Mike Ferree.

Mike was one of my biggest clients which lead to a friendship that has enabled us to work together in several more ways over the years.  He was a big publisher for me in the early days of LendingTree’s fledgling performance marketing channel, he ran business development for a call center that I tested sending a client’s medical alert leads through, and now he’s the CEO of the new industry conference, Lead Generation World.  The first event was held earlier this year, before the world went sideways with a pandemic, but it was nothing short of an unmitigated success.  I can’t wait to see the success of next year’s event.

Mike was kind enough to invite me onto his podcast where we got to discuss my journey through the world of lead generation and some of the biggest lessons that I have learned while sitting on literally every side of the business: sales, buying, and generating.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed participating.


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