Kick Pedal Media

Digital and Performance Marketing. Strategic Partnerships. Lead Generation.

Data Driven • Quality Focused • Top and Bottom Line Results

Stimulate growth with a digital and performance marketing industry expert.

Digital Marketing: Social, Native, SEM, SEO, Display, and Email

Strategic Partnerships: Business Development and Affinity Relationships

Performance Marketing: Affiliates and Media Arbitrage.

Kick Pedal Media

We help companies increase revenue, optimize margins, maximize conversions and direct more dollars to the top and bottom lines of their business.

We are:

  • Data-driven, highly-analytical and well-versed in the latest in marketing automation software and real-time tracking systems
  • Experts in quality optimization and compliance monitoring to ensure high-intent marketing that will operate firmly within strict compliance guidelines
  • Managed spends up to $40 million per year
  • Versed in the varying needs and requirements across mobile and desktop
  • Certified in Email Messaging Optimization
  • Deeply entrenched with industry experts, various agencies, and boutique marketing organizations
  • Experts in simultaneously leading and executing marketing efforts across multiple products and channels
  • Exceptionally well-networked.  As a 15 year vet in the digital and online marketing space, we have the business development and affinity relationships to grow your business rapidly.

If you would like to contact us about how we may assist your company and you accelerate growth, increase your marketing efforts and drive more dollars to the top and bottom line, please reach out to us today.

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